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7 April 2020

Managing Stress & Building Resilience by Think Forward Consulting

The last few weeks have been challenging in ways we’ve never experienced before.

Having to face up to the fact that our lives have changed significantly is overwhelming. Not being able to see our friends and family, having to stay indoors and now having to work from home all can lead to the development of anxiety and stress, negatively impacting all of our mental health in some way.

For those that were suffering with poor mental health before the crisis hit, having to deal with these changes are now more challenging. However, more of us are going to experience stress and anxiety over the coming weeks, maybe for the first time.

Penny Strutton, Director of Think Forward Consulting and a founding sponsor of The East Midlands HR Network has written a blog to help everyone manage their mental health over the months ahead and come out the other side healthy and positive.

Click here to read Penny’s blog over on the Think Forward Consulting website.